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  • 4 day Masai Mara safari

    From US$ 685

    This budget safari holiday takes you to lake Nakuru and Masai Mara. It is a holiday that is just perfect for weekend get-away. The safari can be custom made to take you to other parks instead of Nakuru and Masai mara.


  •  Kenya budget safari

  • 5 days Tanzania safari

    From US$ 1870

    A world of rich heritage is what describes this Tanzania safari to Manyara and Ngorongo.  Ngorongoro is the largest un flooded and unbroken caldera in the world. In Earnest Hemiways words, “the loveliest I had seen in Africa”

    • 8 Day safari holiday & Walk

      From US$ 2060

      The most favored Kenya safari holiday package. You visit the famous wildlife parks for the unique and abundant wildlife of Kenya. From Mount Kenya, Lakes, savannahs and cultural trips.

    • Kenya budget safari
    • 7 day Tarangire safari

      From US$ 2530

      Days of cloudless skies. Serengeti makes a Tanzania safari trip complete. As stewart put in in 1913, 'simply a paradise'. From Arusha to Lake Manyala, Serengeti, and back to Arusha.

    • 7 days Kenya budget safaris

      From US$ 1100

      This budget package gives you the utmost flexibility of all other safaris. This safari redifines Kenya as the original home of safari. Rough it out abit, visit the game, and crack those silly jokes by the bonfire with loved ones or your newly met friends in the evening.

    •  Kenya budget safari

    • 11 Day Kenya--Tanzania

      From US$ 3949

      This Kenya and Tanzania safari shows you the diverse faces of East Africa. Visit the world famous parks of Masai mara and Serengeti, as you cross these two contries gathering memories you will treasure for long. 

  • 13 day pilgrim: Egypt and Israel

    A spiritual journey to Egypt and Israel, following on the foot prints of Jesus.

  • budget Safari holiday

  • 4 day Zanzibar vacation

    “Zenjbar”, one of the famous beach vacation destinations.

  • 7 Days Gorilla & Chimp Tracking

    Murchison Falls and Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest, Uganda’s most gorgeous tropical forests.

  • Kenya budget safari

  • 6 day Pemba Island holiday

    The private Pemba, the stunning mix of rich culture dating back to the 17th century.

  • 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Tracking

    Bwindi, half of the surviving mountain Gorilla population survives. 

  • Pilgrim safari, Israel
  • 8 Days Southern Omo valley

    In a class of its own, Omo valley is a mosaic of traditions and wildlife.

  • 11 days pure Israel

    Marvel at the extensive advanced desert agriculture and dairy farming in this land of milk and honey.

  • Entrance to the tomb of Jesus
  • 08 Day Northern Ethiopia

    A trip that starts in Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile.


The Origins of Kenya safari holidays

For several decades,Kenya wildlife safari parks have been the hunting grounds by both the white settlers and the African people. Then came the Kenya-Uganda railway that further gave access to the interior of Kenya. Cities (resting grounds) started to emerge slowly. Those were the years when hunting was a sport for the noblemen. It was a very special affair. Those expeditions were done on convoys, transporting foods and camping gears. Convoy in Kiswahili language is ‘Msafara’. Some of the settlers started making income from organizing and leading hunting safari expeditions. It was a safari for the bold and chosen few. This was the origin of the modern day 'safaris' in Kenya. Safari means to Travel. While hunting is banned in, Kenya remains the number one country for safaris, and has done so well to maintain the status and as the origin of Safari. It is here that your Kenya safari holiday will take you to these wildlife parks to enjoy, and to capture memories that you will treasure for long.

Kenya safaris: Wildebeest Migration

Just recently, the phenomenon wildebeest migration was recognized as the Seventh wonder of the world. This natural event takes place in July – October in Maasai Mara which lies 300 kilometers south east of Nairobi. The animals move from northern Serengeti plains in Tanzania across Sand river, Mara and Telek Rivers in Maasai Mara.

If this is your first Kenya safari holiday, or you are hearing about the wildebeest migration first time, this brief article is worth a read.It will give you real but facts and eye witness occurrences on migration.. ....Read more.


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